Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Time!

So I've worked 162 hours in the last 14 days.  Which has unfortunately left me with no energy at all to do any sort of crafting.  I had some projects lined up, but when I had time I felt like a zombie.  Nobody likes to see what a zombie would do to a crafting project.  Better all around to wait.

I did get a bit of mending done today though, none of it mine!  Apparently sewing is one of those skills like troubleshooting computers.  Once people know you can do it they bring stuff to you whenever they need fixing.  I've never considered sewing to be a difficult thing to do, I was just lazy when I was younger.

For one coworker I hemmed a pair of dress pants.  By hand, thanks mom for teaching me to catch-stitch, because I am too lazy to figure out how to use the blind hem stitch on my machine.  That's right, too lazy to learn a time saving skill.  That's irony.

For the other I reattached half of the zipper fly of a pair of dress pants.  No idea how it came loose, but it needed to be sewn down.  Luckily it wasn't sewn directly to the front of the pants.  It was attached to a small flap of fabric that was in turn attached to the pants.  Sewing down the zipper with a back stich was a cinch.  Sewing back down the flap of fabric was another thing.  Without matching thread I couldn't topstitch it back down (it had originally been topstitched down), so I decided to catch-stitch it around the edge instead.  I made the stitches closer together than I normally do to increase the stability.  Hopefully it will hold.  The slight puckering you sometimes get on the front of a catch-stich was minor so I'm hoping the owner will be happy.  If not I'll have to go buy matching thread and I'd just rather not.

It's nice to help people out and save some clothes from getting tossed by making them usable again.  Now if only I could get my own mending projects done I'd be in good shape.

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