Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back . . . sort of

Hello there.  I know it has been massively long since I've posted anything here.  I'm not even sure how long its been.  I apologize for leaving my blog to languish, but have had personal issues to deal with - serious illness in the family and the end of a relationship which has lasted almost 8 years.

So I'm currently living out of boxes until my new apartment is ready, hence the sort of back.  My crafting things are waiting for me somewhere in the boxland that is my life right now.  I hope to have things back in line soon, but we'll see how that goes.  Life is apparently pretty unpredictable.

I am way behind on my christmas crafting, so hopefully I will have some updates there on ideas if not results while I am in transition.  I hope all of you are doing well, better than I, and that your holidays are joyous.

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