Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Joys of Moving - and Crafting?

Or something like that.  I'm moving hopefully as of tomorrow, and I am looking over my lists of things I need to get for my new place.  Dividing possessions always seems to leave the most interesting holes, such as forks, spoons, and butterknives - but no sharp knives.  Pots and pans, but no oven mitts.  So I survey my list of must-haves and something is rebelling against the idea of going out and buying all of these things.  It isn't like I know how to make knives or bottle brushes or can openers or serving utensils - I just hate the idea of contributing to the manufacturing machine.  So my goal is to find as many of these things secondhand as possible, but I'd also like to make a few if I can - make my new apartment feel more homey.  So the list is below, and if you know of a way to make such things or have seen a tutorial, please let me know.

kitchen towels
bath mat
rectangular baskets for my many shelves

Everything else I am hoping to scour craigslist and the local goodwill for in the hopes of promoting second lives for useful, but unwanted things.  I want them, I swear!

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