Friday, January 27, 2012

More Mending

SO continuing with the mending theme to get some easy projects under my belt, I decided to mend a pair of my jeans.  They're older so the denim is wearing through.  This pair developed holes along the seam where the butt pockets are attached.  Since the holes are small I pulled the fabric over and sewed them closed.  It creates some interesting small pull ripples in the fabric, but I'm willing to deal for a pair of casual pants.  Plus they're behind me so I can't see them anyway!  Yay semi-instant gratification.  Until I can afford to buy more jeans that fit, the ones I currently own have to last.  I'd love to make my own, but my sewing machine isn't powerful enough to sew denim.  So for now I have to rely on the slave machine of industrial clothing to bring me jeans.

Pics to come once I figure out what I'm going to do with the back pockets on these suckers.  They had riveted shank type buttons that came out.  Now there are holes.  Right where I need to sew new buttons on.  I'm considering using fusible interfacing to attach fabric on the inside of the pocket to cover the hole.  Then  sewing the new buttons to that fabric.

Any thoughts?  I've never dealt with this situation before so any suggestions are welcome.

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