Friday, June 29, 2012

New Pledge

I hereby pledge to not buy any new craft supplies, excluding notions required to facilitate projects such as thread, zippers, etc., and to use what I have to do future projects. 

I have a ton of fabric.  Boxes stashed neatly under my bed galore.  Plus boxes of assorted supplies for assorted crafts.  I need to use this stuff up.  I admit it, i am a hoarder, but I also love to craft.  So everytime I go to a craft store i end up buying more.  I figure free stuff from freecycle or craigslist free section don't count because I'm not spending any money.  But I am hoping to get back into making clothing for myself and refashioning other clothing to refresh my wardrobe.  To this end I want to focus on fabric and un-used clothing I already have first.  Use up my stash.

I definitely don't want to buy anymore new fabric for now.  I've been trying to be more environmentally friendly, and I think using what you have and re-using clothes has to be more eco-friendly than buying new fabric for every project.  I'll make it work somehow.

It is exciting because what projects I work on will, to a certain extent, be influenced by the fabric I have.  This could get interesting.  Once I get going I'll keep y'all up to date on the adventure.

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