Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Adventures in sewing

So I have been trolling sewing blogs lately . . and by trolling I mean obsessively reading every post in awe of the talent and imagination out there.  Eureka!  I could do this too.  Nevermind that I haven't sewn anything by hand since I was 10 sewing together uneven patches with my great-grandmother.  I can do this . . . right?

My mother used to make things.  I remember her sewing machine sitting in its huge case on the floor next to the table just waiting for her next project.  That was years ago however.  In a sign that coincidences do exist, just when I was thinking maybe kindof I could attempt to sew something myself, she tells me she has dragged the sewing machine out, dusted it off, and is making clothes again.  Hooray!  I could hassle her for help if I needed.  Thank goodness for a mother and grandmother who like to sew.

So being a newly reminted crafting crafter, what did I start obsessively searching for?  A sewing machine of course!  Had to have one.  Of course, I wouldn't have one in time to make Halloween costume accessories  (I'll post pictures of those later) but a girl can dream.  Finally I find out that is not too expensive for a starter will-i-won't-i-like-it machine.  Then the nefarious can-you-really-afford-it demon rears his head and reminds me of all the other things I could be spending that money on.  What a jerk, ruining my fun.  Sigh.

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  1. Of course you can do it! And buying a sewing machine is actually an investment and will work out cost-effective in the long run because of all the cool clothes you'll be making or refashioning rather than buying! Good luck! x