Sunday, December 12, 2010

Valiant Attempt

So I just found out about a baby shower next sunday and I don't have a gift.  Normally not a problem, I could just pop out and buy something.  Two problems:

1. The proud mama has to fly back home after the shower so she has to be able to take it with her in her existing luggage.
2. I'm trying to not just buy things anymore, I'd like to make something if I can.

So was born the Bib Project.  I figured I'd have the best chance of completing something (relatively) simple, and since my new sewing machine is still hostage to the big guy in the red suit, it has to be something I can sew by hand.  I found a pattern here that is looked fairly simple.  The baby is a boy, so I wanted the color to be appropriately masculine, just in case that matters to the mama.  Looking around, I found a red cotton shirt and a bright blue terry cloth washcloth I could cannibalize, so the Bib Project was a go.

And the blue on the red was kindof plain so I attempted to embroider a sailboat on the blue.  Boyfried looked at it and identified it as a sailboat, so I guess it came out okay.  Here is the work in progress so far:

Just have to finish overcasting the edge of the red, attached the blue, and sew on ribbons to tie in the back.  Hope I can finish by saturday - and that it comes out fit for gifting.  Guess we'll see.

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