Saturday, December 11, 2010

Can I Just Give My Paycheck Every Month?

Would that be easier?  Went to the craft store today with the best intentions.  I have to decorate a wreath and finish a scrapbook for my friends' wedding.  I thought having solid goals would help - I was so wrong.  How tempting are you clearance bins.  You know my weakness.  Only $0.49, only $0.25, surely you can afford that, why not take two?  I must have spent an hour digging through the bins they have so I could look at everything.  I did actually found some stuff I needed, the rest . . . well . . . I'll use it eventually I'm sure.

My favorite deal was this guy:
Needless to say, did not buy.  Though I shouldn't be patting myself on the back.  60% off regular plus clearance equals let's revisit this when I reconcile my bank statement and not before.  At least this store doesn't carry fabric.  Patterns are on my to do list to find.  Harder to find in petite sizes, but I'll muddle through I'm sure.

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