Thursday, December 16, 2010

Signs of Christmas

Well, I finally decorated my wreath.  The wreath that I hung on the door even though it wasn't decorated so nothing would happen to it.  Even though nobody but our paper delivery guy and upstairs neighbors will see it, I wanted a wreath.  So here it is before:

And after:

Hope you like, I just randomly put stuff on it until it looked done.  Flying by the seat of one's pants can occasionally work out.

Too bad the tree did not fare as well.  Despite keeping it watered, it has died a slow death.  Oh well.  I don't normally get a tree in until Christmas Eve, so this getting a tree a month in advance is new to me.  Probably won't repeat the experience if this is what happens.  Or maybe the tree didn't like my apartment and went on a thirst strike.  The world will never know.

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