Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Epic Continuing Work in Progress . . Condensed Updates

So the garden has been in place now for abut two weeks.  You've seen the progression of clearing the jungle.  In some of those pictures you can see beds laid out in a grid pattern with white twine and sticks for stakes.  Low cost solution.  The grid pattern is because I'm using a technique called square foot gardening which is mostly about efficiently utilizing your space to get as much in as you can.  I hardly needed it because the spot turned out to be more than half again as big as I was led to believe.

I planted a ton of stuff, some for me, some for other people because I just had so much space.  I got all the plants and seeds free from the community gardening organization so luckily I did not have to purchase anything really beyond the space itself.  A hopefully complete listing of what I attempted to grow is:
cubanelle peppers
banana pepper
spaghetti squash
butternut squash
snow peas
white cucumber
bush beans
*some other herb I can't remember now*
lilac pepper
brussel's sprouts
habanero peppers
purple cabbage
green cabbage
... plus assorted flowers including marigolds, nasturtium, and sweet pea

Some stuff grew, most of the herbs did not.  I think one basil seedling came up.  Some of the peppers have died, about half the cubanelles, the banana, and the lilac.  The habanero peppers seem to be treading water right now.  The winter squash and cucumbers seem to be growing, as are the bush beans.  Many of the plants were eaten off by woodchucks, but most of them appear to be trying a comeback so I hope they can make up for lost time.

Pictures to follow of some of the plants.  In other news some kids started a fire in the woods near the garden that spread down into the field behind the garden and came right up to the fence by my space before they got it put out.  I can thisclose to losing a good portion of my plants.

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