Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Project Acquired - workout pants

Alrighty.  SO I haven't been doing much sewing around here.  Just mending and commissions for my side business.  Which is all well and good, but my sewing machine is calling my name.  Which it should totally not be doing after it let me down on that tote bag I whipped up at the last second for the grad school gift bag.  (Which I will totally post pictures of as soon as my main computer is back up and running I swear.)

But I've been casting about for a project to get started on, and then today it hit me.  I just recently started a martial arts class - krav maga if you're interested - and I need more workout pants.  Right now I have two.  one black in a knit fabric that is okay, but the fabric tends to cling a bit as I get sweaty.  The second is the bottom half of my martial arts gi from college - I took soo bahk do then.  I much prefer the second pair, but only one problem....they're bright white.  Which is sometimes awkward.  I love the weight of the cotton canvasy fabric and how comfy they are and how they don't cling.  They're just so . . . white.

Unfortunately I did take that no new fabric pledge, so I will have to go diving into my many boxes of fabric to see if I have something appropriate.  I have a few patterns for sleep pants that I am sure I can find one I want to use for this.  I figure a sleep pant pattern will have a loose enough fit to work for a martial arts class.  These are one pair of pants that I want to be a little baggy.

My only concern is the waist.  I'd like to do an elastic waist, but my weight fluctuates a bit so I'm not sure if I should make the waist a little small or just add a drawstring just in case.  Any thoughts?

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