Sunday, May 22, 2011

All Systems are a Go

So I finally got my sewing machine running.  Turns out I had the stitch length knob backward with the stitch width knob wondering why material wasn't feeding through the machine.  After re-threading both top and bobbin several times I finally read my manual again and discovered my error.  Of course once I got it working I was afraid to touch it.

First project was a wallet for my cousin using the tutorial here.  The original attempt, also my maiden voyage with my sewing machine looked like this:

You can see the uneven edges where the corners don't match up well at all as well as my wandering stitches.  Not a bad first try, but not gift-worthy.  I talked it over with my mom on how to improve upon my initial attempt.  I decided to increase the size of the bottom pocket row (lower blue row) because while you can't see it in the picture, it is pretty shallow to hold a card.  I left the whole to turn the thing right-side out on the top, but left a wider seam allowance on the top and bottom so I could top stitch on the right side to close the whole once the wallet was turned.  This also doubled as a decorative line of stitching and something to stabilize the top edge more.  Also I decided to trim more of the excess on the sides before turning the wallet right-side out.  And I was more careful to make tight corners and straight seams.  Here was the second try:

Corners match up this time around.  Seams are much straighter and the card pockets are more secure.  The outside edges still look a bit bulky, but some blind stitching to pull the fabric together should decrease that problem.  Altogether I am pretty happy with it.  I just have to buy some velcro to sew inside to make the thing stay closed.

At this rate I might actually try making some clothes now that I've gotten the hang of my sewing machine finally.  I got it for Christmas, but am only now getting acquainted with it.  I am such a slacker.

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