Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skirt 1 beta testing

So after a few small projects and buying fabric, eyeballing it suspiciously, I have decided to take the plunge.  I picked one of the patterns I bought on sale, McCall's 3830, and decided to make View D in size 12.  I totally flummoxed up my measurements, so I'm not sure this will fit.  Trying on while pinned was encouraging, so I am moving forward to sewing and keeping my fingers crossed.  The darts are sewed, as is the center back seam, and the invisible zip is basted in placed.  The fabric, quite crazy, is actually from a set of three valances my mother donated to my muslin fabric stash.  The pattern is bold, so if the muslin comes out okay I might keep the skirt to wear.  See below, the skirt beta testing in progress:
You are looking at the front, the fold on the fabric was quite defined, being the bottom edge of the valance so some serious pressing will have to go into making that look flatter later.  This pattern just screams 80's chic to me.  Hehe.

Below is the cotton fabric I pre-washed (no bleeding yay) for phase 2 of this skirt if the muslin comes out okay.  It is called olive tonal, but my camera has been recalcitrant in the making-colors-look-like-themselves department, so hopefully it looks olive-y tonal.
I'm so nervous, even though this skirt requires less sewing than the smaller projects I have already managed to pull off.  I guess something I might wear myself in public ups the pressure to do a good job.  I'm confident though.  Gotta stay positive.  Hopefully pics when it is done.

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