Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh the Things I Would Knit

. . . if I only knew how.  I used to be able to crochet - and I mean that in the loosest sense possible.  I could do a chain stitch, though once I tried to actually create anything the rows would miraculously shrink as I went a long in a pretty rapid taper.  So I had a lot of roughly triangular pieces lying about until I finally gave up.  That most likely came of being too impatient at a younger age to learn how to crochet properly.  Of course, at that time I told myself "I won't ever need to do it anyway."

Which puts me in my current conundrum.  I want to make a snood for my mom, because she wants one, but I can't crochet worth anything and according to her, the pattern she found involves crocheting with embroidery floss.  Lovely.  Which leaves buying one if I could find one, and I was so specifically hoping to make her something for a (belated) mother's day present.  Belated because she can't decide what she wants.

Oh well.  Have to keep looking I guess.

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