Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well, this is why I shouldn't go to a craft store by myself.  I ended up with 18 patterns (yes, 18) though at only $1.99 each I figured why not.  Who can afford to pay $16-18 per pattern?  Plus they had fabric on sale so even though I hadn't intended to buy any - I got three pieces of 3 yards each.  I'll update this with pictures once I get my camera working again.

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  1. Hi Erica,

    Thanks for your comment! I would love to see that blouse illustration that you saw, but my google image search has yelded only the pattern illustration for the shorts as you said! Damn. I think that buying that number of patterns is more than justified at that price, especially if you actually use them!

    All the best
    Zoe xxx