Monday, June 6, 2011


So if you look right I have two new buttons hanging out.  One is for Mend and Make Do, which is a philosophy I have been a believer in for ages.  Back in college I used to make shelves to hold my stuff out of the cardboard boxes other people brought their junk in.  I hate throwing things away if I can envision any amount of use from them, though this means sometimes I keep things I should probably donate since they have use but simply don't suit me.  So codifying this intent, and dragging my boyfriend's wardrobe along however unenthusiastic he may be, is a new button I got from The Sewing Dork.

Also is a new button from C&C for the Refashion Nation.  At first I was a bit worried because you're agreeing to 3 projects, however small, a month.  This month is going to be killer work-wise so I thought I'd fall behind the first month I signed up!  Then I looked back over my projects and realized I had finished turning a valance into a skirt on June 3 and finally did that refashion on my blah and mysteriously stained lavender shirt on June 4 so I am already 2 of 3 for the month.  *Cue sigh of relief* Maybe I can make it after all.

Summer will hopefully see me in an internship in addition to my full time job though so this type of challenge will give me incentive to not just hoard stuff, but to actually turn it into something useful either for myself or someone else. 

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