Monday, June 20, 2011

Mending #3 and #4

So my Make and Mend challenge is swimming right along since I had that mending to do for my father and a coworker asked me to fix something for him.  When you can sew and mend it sends out a subliminal signal that others can sense.  That and I was embroidering at work.  Whichever explanation you prefer.

Mending #3 was a sweater for my father.  The lesson with this one is don't rip out your tags.  Just don't do it.  Why?  It leaves a hole.  Of course.  Unfortunately, my mom didn't have matching thread so I volunteered to bring the sweater home with me since I was positive I had matching thread.  Nope.  Luckily when I swung by JoAnn's they had my fave thread: G├╝termann for 40% off.  So I picked up some grey and invisible thread, just in case.

Below are the inside view with all my stitching and the outside view.  You can tell on the outside it was mended by the distortions in the knit lines, but the thing had a hole.  Not just a tear, an actual hole.  Couldn't just grab a pair of scissors to cut the tag out, then even if there was a mistake there would be a tear that is easy to close back up.  Nope.

Mending #4 is a Coworker Hoodie.  Apparently the kangaroo pouch on the front of his hoodie had come away on one side.  Luckily I had brought my father sweater to work for mending (though I didn't actually do it until I was home) - yay for long work hours - and the grey thread was also a perfect match for the hoodie.  In fact it matched so well I had to go slower than I would normally to make sure I wasn't sewing back over my previous stitches.  They were really hard to see.  Plus three layers of a thick knit with the pocket edge folded under.  It went pretty quickly for all that and the finished result is below.  It is actually a straight seam, it looks bent because I didn't take the picture until he put it on so he is holding it out for me.  I also included a smaller inset of what the original stitching would have looked like courtesy of the other end of the pocket.

Yay for mending.  Only one more project for the month.  Plus I need to get my third refashion in for the Refashion Nation.  So much to do, so little time.  Once my job lets up I'll have much more time to be creative.  For now I am stuck with smaller projects I can bring to work since this is where I am spending the bulk of my time.

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