Friday, June 3, 2011

Skirt Beta finished!

So my first ever skirt made is done.  The skirt beta is complete.  Slogging through the fog created by the confluence of bad allergies and benadryl, I was determined to finish this thing once and for all so I could say I was done.  I finished.  I made a skirt!  I learned a lot in this process:
- how to change my presser foot
- how to put in a zipper
- how awesome pressing is
- how to use fusible interfacing
- why you fold the fabric under for a blind hem stitch like they show you (see picture of hem)
- take your measurements before you buy patterns

And those are only a few things.  The pattern was McCall's 3830.  I chose view D since I prefer knee-length skirts.  If you recall, the fabric for this beta came from a valance (1 of 3) that I was given to use as practice.

Here is the result on me.  I apologize for the meh picture quality.  The t-shirt just happened to be what I'm wearing this evening as I worked on it.  Definitely not what I would wear with this skirt.
Contrary to every other skirt made for normal height people, which I always have to take up, I had to lessen the hem allowance on this skirt otherwise it came out an inch or so above the knee.  I don't like that look on me.  I imagine this happened because in addition to being petite I am short-waisted.  At least that is my theory.  The skirt is tight around my waist, borderline uncomfortably so.  I had bought the pattern in size AA (6 -> 12) without taking my measurements ahead of time.  What was I thinking??  I made the skirt in the largest size available, 12, and the waist is definitely tight.  My only two options are to buy the pattern again in a larger size or finally start exercising and eating better.

Oh, and this is why you should follow the directions for blind hem stitching instead of just folding up:
I guess the explanation for this will be that I have decorative stitching now.  Not what I intended, but meh.  This is why I made a practice skirt.  When my allergies let me go from their clutches I can think about trying a different pattern.  I have an elastic waist sleep pant pattern I bought that I might try next since now I know the 12 with a waistband is going to be too tight.  Elastic being more forgiving I might be able to get away with a 12 in the other pattern.

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