Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mending #2 and idea of #3

So it must be something about guys and the backs of their shirts.  Boyfriend has a polo shirt where he mysteriously tore a hole horizontally through the white stripe near the collar in the back.  The tag is fabric and sewn in totally in a large rectangle, so it wasn't that.  So mending #2 was just using white thread and sewing the raw edges back together.  Luckily the polo is a knit so I didn't have to deal with any unraveling.
Mending #3 is a similar situation on a grey sweater belonging to my father.  My mom didn't have thread that matched, so I took it thinking I did.  Well, yeah no, so when I was out at JoAnn's I picked some up.  Turned out Gütermann thread was 40% off.  So I picked up some invisible thread too.  Bonus.  I'll get to that when I have a chance.  Work is crazy right now.

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