Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy Busy

So I am almost done with the Victorian Tea shirt.  Buttonholes are in, with some mishaps, but they're done.  Of course I put them on the wrong side.  Oh well, this top really wanted to button right over left anyway.  Now all that's left is to actually sew on the buttons - but black buttons on black fabric screams for daytime and the additional natural light, so they'll be going in tomorrow.  So exciting to be almost done.  More exciting will be being done.

Not so many posts lately, sorry about that, I've been experimenting with knitting and such between Victorian Tea top sessions.  I started an Etsy shop - with nothing in it.  Plus I agreed to make hats for someone else's craft fair table.  Too much to do.  As soon as I have pictures of what I've been working on I will put them up.  I recently bought the baby and teeny size round looms so I can make baby hats.  Turns out the teeny one comes with instructions for flowers.  I've been playing around with that.  Super fun and they're so fast so almost instant gratification.  Pictures will be forthcoming, I promise.

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