Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun at JoAnn's and Announcement

Announcement first - I opened an Etsy shop which you can find here.  My handle is StitcherChic.  Not much stuff up yet, but I'm excited.

JoAnn's was an adventure because I went in for the express purpose of buying buttons for my Victorian Tea top.  Five plain black buttons, how are could it be?  Apparently a lot of other people needed them too because it was ridiculously hard to find semi-affordable basic buttons in the size I needed.  Being in the aisle I decided to look at the clearance section - such fun:
 Top row are the more basic style buttons.  I am keeping all of those.  The bottom row are the fun buttons.  The far left are lion head buttons (closeup below), followed by shamrocks, red tractors, and two types of ducky buttons (cue higher voice pitch).  All but the shamrocks are going to my mother.
Most of them were $0.25 or $0.50 for the card.  The lion ones were the most expensive at $0.97 for the card.  Buttons are fun!

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