Saturday, July 9, 2011

Project in Progress

SO I haven't been around for a few days and I'll tell you why.  1. I had all four wisdom teeth removed friday morning.  Huge bummer.  Rinsing with warm salt water makes me want to go back to having jaw pain sometimes.  2. And a much more interesting reason, is I am working on a shirt that is way beyond my skill level.  What is life without some challenge?

In less than two weeks a friend is having her bridal shower.  It is a Victorian Tea at a tea house.  Never been to a tea house, or had a Victorian Tea, but it sounds like something dressy.  To whit I combed my closet.  I found a white skirt with some eyelet at the bottom I can wear, but no suitable tops.  Wait!  I have a sewing machine and a pile of patterns.  Sure enough, enter McCall's M5661 view E.  Pleated neckline, gathered bell-like sleeves, and a tie waist.  Not quite Victorian, but we're channeling the vibe, and it's the best I've got.  Very limited time means no muslin, we're going right for fabric folks.  Live tv, there's nothing like it.  I had a pretty black with grey tonal flowers on it that I originally bought for a skirt, but is being drafted into service.  Its a lightweight calico cotton so it should drape nicely.

I managed to get all the pieces cut out, interfacing applied, pleats pinned and basted, and front piece attached to the two back pieces at the shoulders and sides before wisdom teeth day.  I'm hoping tomorrow to be able to get cracking again between hot presses and antibiotics.  If I can get this finished, well, I hope the bride likes it because it will have been a triumph of determination over, well, everything.

No pictures yet, but wish me luck!  I'll be needing it.

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