Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hats, Hats, Everywhere

So I have been super busy outside of work making hats.  Baby size hats actually.  A coworker is doing a craft fair in the fall and, seeing me making a hat for a christmas gift, asked me to make some for her table.  I agreed.  Went out and bought the yarn, a nice bulky 6 yarn from Bernat.  The label says it is for blankets, but who cares, soft yarn is soft yarn and it'll be nice and warm.

The theme is baby girls, so I got yellow and white yarn.  They didn't have any pink.  Then came the tedious part - actually knitting the hats on my new loom.  I bought the two small size looms.  The blue is the baby size and the orange is a special extra small size.  The instructions that came with it were for making flowers.  I tried it out on these which I then put up on my Etsy store, hehe, didn't have anything else to do with them really.

Baby loom went to work making hats.  I'm almost done as you can see here.  She wanted 5 white and 5 yellow.  Only 1 more yellow to go.

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